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vance cabinets
My name is Scott Vance and I am the owner of Vance Cabinet & Carpentry located on the second floor of Bldg. D. I have been with Phoenix Park since the summer of 2000. My experience at the Park since that time has definitely been a positive one. A considerable portion of my work is around the Boston area so the easy accessability to Rte. 2 is a huge plus. The managing crew of Terry Atwood, Jerry Wheeler and others are the best I've dealt with. Very friendly and always around when (or if) a problem arises. Last but certainly not least, Eric Shapiro has been an extremely helpful and courteous landlord. He's never more than a phone call away and always open to discuss any issues that may arise. In conclusion I would definitely recommend any company to locate their business at Phoenix Park.
My name is Barbara Person, owner of GG Global Corporation. Our company is a tennant at Phoenix Park. Phoenix Park is more than a business park. It is a place you can feel totally comfortable in with genuinely friendly and more then competent staff who are always ready to help in any given situation. The people here always look out for your best interests and safety. The security system picks up everything so be careful! We have an updated gym with showers and lockers, fresh baked goods and coffee daily, and our well behaved pets can join us daily. What’s not to love about this place! So join us, grow your business, make new friends and associates, and be happy with the rest of us here at Phoenix Park. You’ll be glad you made the right choice.
We LOVE Phoenix Park!!
We are directly off the commuter rail, from Boston. Our location serves all of our business needs. The building maintenance crew is fantastic. They are efficient, knowledgeable, and have always helped us when we've asked. That made our transition to a new location effortless. Phoenix Park goes above and beyond taking care of it's tenants. The support and service we receive is the best we have ever encountered. We plan on staying here indefinitely!!!!

-Hot Tubes

I wanted to take a moment out of my day to express to you my gratitude for being a property owner that cares not only about his property but also the well being and happiness of its tenants. So often we experience instances where companies put People last, money first. It makes me feel good to have our business here at Phoenix Park, where People are put first!! I want you to know how very much I value and appreciate the work that is done by Terry and Wheels, they are an extension of this ideal. Recently Wheels installed a set of doors in our shop, and he did a stellar job with the install. They are both great people and hard workers. Our new doors are great and will create a warmer, safer, atmosphere for us to come into each day and do our very best. It just makes a difference to me that I have such great people to work with and that they care as much as they do. Also there have been times in the past that I would open a door and it would make an awful squeaking noise or something....only to find a day later that the squeak was fixed or a light bulb replaced....without me having said a thing about the issue....these acts don't go unnoticed by me. Kudos to Bob and Alison as well, they are always happy and helpful.

Thank you for having such a great team here at Phoenix Park taking care of things.

  Gabriella Lizotte

-Hot Tubes
Our company, Tall Tree Guild, moved into Phoenix Park over two years ago. We chose it because of its location, reasonable rates, history, and beautiful natural setting. The restored cordage park buildings are perfect for a small business such as ours. We make furniture and home decor accessories and our space is perfect for our needs. The buildings are well maintained and the management and supporting staff couldn't be any friendlier or more helpful. The businesses here are diverse and there is always someone new and interesting to discover right down the hall. In all, our experience here at Phoenix Park is completely positive and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone else considering a place for their business.

The team at Phoenix Park has gone above and beyond the call of duty many times for Closets By Design while we have been here. Phoenix Park has been our “flowering pot” as it were. When we were ready to expand, they did everything needed to facilitate it. They can be counted on to do whatever is possible and then some regardless of the issues at hand. Many times in the past 7 years I have looked to them for help in resolving problems and solicited advice in a vast array of areas. Their customer oriented mentality and willingness to go the extra mile is definitely makes the difference. The relationship between Closets By Design and Phoenix Park has never been stronger and we look forward to building on it for years to come.

-Jason Souza
Dealing with everyone at Phoenix Park is very easy. I ask to have something done, it’s done immediately. Whether it be a maintenance, administrative or corporate issue, it is addressed quickly and everyone is pleasant and very accommodating to deal with. Running a business is very demanding on a daily basis. I only have so much energy to deal with issues, I do not want to have to include building issues during my day. With Phoenix Park, these issues are non-existent.

-Jay Cannon
Moving to Phoenix Park was one of the best decisions I made for our office. The friendly and pleasant atmosphere is motivating. The staff here are always on top of things and easy to work with. ETI is happy to call Phoenix Park our home.

I want to thank you and your staff for tremendous service to Senate Construction Corp. by accommodating our real estate needs for the past 7 1/2 years. It is hard to believe that the time has passed so quickly. Your flexibility and willingness to help accommodate the changes necessary for our growing business were exemplary. In particular the use of storage area for equipment, the common area conference rooms, common lunch rooms, and the fitness area were nice benefits that we were able to enjoy while being your tenant. The friendly property management staff was always on standby to answer questions, support our IT and telephone providers, and assist with periodic maintenance items. Terry and Jerry were always pleasant and eager to make our stay productive and fun. I will miss the wonderful group of tenants who were always glad to stop and chat in the hallway and bring me up to date on the latest business happenings in the region. Lastly, when it was time for Senate to take advantage of an opportunity to purchase our own property for tenancy you worked with me to provide a fair and equitable solution for us to meet our business obligations but still make our departure a good experience. Thanks to you and your staff for your help

-Robert D. France, President
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